Business Strategy

Strategy for Differentiating
Ourselves from
Other Companies in Urban Areas
Aiming to Raise Consolidated Net Sales
by ¥100 Billion Over the Next Five Years

In the past, we have set high targets for consolidated net sales and achieved them. This time, we have set a new target of increasing consolidated net sales by ¥100 billion over the next five years.

Going forward, we expect demand for rental properties to become concentrated in urban areas.
Therefore, we are implementing a strategy aimed at expanding our market share in urban areas in order to meet our new target.

Tokyo metropolitan area, Kansai metropolitan area, and
ordinance-designated major cities (particularly urban areas)

Aiming to expand market share in urban areas

Achieve a ¥100-billion sales increase
within the next five years!

Concentrating Management Resources in Urban Areas

With the Japanese population becoming concentrated in urban areas, expanding market share in these areas is essential to our continued growth. Therefore, we will concentrate all our management resources in urban areas, particularly in Japan’s three main metropolitan areas – the Tokyo metropolitan area, the Chukyo metropolitan area, and the Kansai metropolitan area.

Branch Opening and Transfer Strategy

Decided to open and relocate offices during the 43rd term
Token Corporation
Nagakute Branch

In our apartment building and rental condominium construction business, we are aiming to increase the number of branches in premium areas, particularly Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka, to 120% of the current amount.
To achieve this, we plan to select priority areas for opening branches and potential areas for the transfer of branches based on external environment data such as population and new rental housing starts as well as data based on our original research that includes occupancy rates and tenant needs, and then decide on up to 15 business locations for opening or transferring branches within the 43rd term.

Personnel Strategy

We will increase the number of sales personnel we have in Japan’s three main metropolitan areas, where we expect strong demand for rental properties, in line with our branch opening plan.
To do this, we will increase the number of sales division personnel through the hiring of new graduates. We plan to hire 300 new graduates to start work in the next fiscal year and the majority of these will be assigned to the sales division.

Differentiating Ourselves from Other Companies Through the Development of Strategic Products for Urban Areas

In order to expand our market share in fiercely competitive urban areas, we need to develop products that will differentiate us from other companies.

Products with Unique Features

Proposal of rental apartment with exclusive function
EuroPure LadyBell

One of these is rental condominiums with attached owner’s residences. Commercial zones in urban areas have high floor-area ratios, but there are many buildings that are not fully leveraging this.
To the owners of these kinds of buildings, we are proposing that when they rebuild, they do so with buildings that fully leverage the conditions of the land on which they are located, such as rental condominiums with attached owner’s residences.

We will also strive to differentiate from other companies by proposing rental condominiums with special-purpose functions, such as women-only rental condominiums EuroPure LadyBell.

Cultivating the Upscale Rental Condominium Market

There are many wealthy people, such as executives and directors of large corporations, living in urban areas, and there are also a lot of people who are looking for rental properties due to factors such as the possibility of work relocation. However, it seems the supply of upscale rental condominiums is still not meeting this demand.

In addition to adding new design to the RC EuroPure, upscale urban rental condominiums already being developed by Token Corporation, we are also advancing plans for additional large-scale upscale rental condominiums like Sakae Tower Hills, which was completed in February 2019.

We also plan for large-scale luxury apartments
  • Expand marketing
    tools specialized for
    urban areas
  • Propose advanced accounting
    measure through certified
    tax accountant partners
  • Hold tie-up seminars with
    other types of businesses
  • Strengthen web-marketing